Who and Where

Who is looking at NAC in COVID?

Determination of efficacy of N-Acetylcysteine (NAC) in preventing those with mild or moderate COVID-19 from progressing to severe disease


ClinicalTrials.gov ID NCT04419025



Application submission to CHA IRB May 1, 2020

Approval August 7, 2020

Enrollment September 30, 2020

Enrollment Halted May 14, 2021

Principal Investigator (PI)

Melisa Lai-Becker MD

Enrollment Eligibility

Age >= 18 years, not pregnant at time of enrollment; known or suspect COVID-19 disease AND one or more of any influenza-like symptom, including:

John Adams MD MPH   Internist and Pediatrician, CHA Acute Care/Respiratory Clinic project leader; Instructor, Harvard Medical School

Kerry Blomquist RN   Emergency Nurse, CHA Everett Hospital 

Pieter Cohen MD   Internist, Primary Care, CHA; Associate Professor, Harvard Medical School

Julie Devito PA-C   Physician Assistant, CHA Department of Emergency Medicine 

Jessica Early MD   Family Medicine Physician, Hospitalist, CHA; Assistant Professor, Tufts University School of Medicine

Ellie Grossman MD MPH   Primary Care Lead for Behavioral Health Integration; Instructor, Harvard Medical School

Lara Hall MD   Family Medicine Physician - Urgent Care, Kaiser Permanente (Oregon)

Rachel Hathaway MD   Hospital Medicine Physician. Director, HMS Medicine Sub Internship; Director, CHA Internal Medicine Resident Evaluation; Instructor, Harvard Medical School

Janice N. John PA-C MHS MHCDS   Medical Director, CHA Acute Care/Respiratory Clinic; Chief PA, Primary Care; Associate Medical Director, Assembly Square Primary Care

Duncan Kuhn MD   Pulmonary & Critical Care Physician, CHA; Pulmonary & Critical Care Physician, North Shore Medical Center (Salem MA); Infectious Diseases specialist; Instructor, Harvard Medical School

Melisa Lai-Becker MD   Chief, Everett Emergency Department; Director, Division of Medical Toxicology; Medical Toxicologist, Regional Center for Poison Control and Prevention Serving MA & RI; Medical Toxicologist, Boston Children's Hospital; Assistant Professor, Harvard Medical School

Anna Rabkina MD   Family physician, Primary Care, CHA,  Instructor, Harvard Medical School 

Mary Regan PharmD   Director, Clinical and Academic Pharmacy Services; Senior Clinical Pharmacist Specialist – Critical Care; Administrator, ACPE-Accredited CPE Programming

Neha Sandeep PA-C   Family Medicine PA, CHA Acute Care/Respiratory Clinic and Primary Care, CHA 

Yamini Saravanan MD MHS   Clerkship Director, HMS Primary Care; Clerkship Director, HMS Internal Medicine Clerkship; Associate Director, HMS Primary Care Experience; Instructor, Harvard Medical School

Alix Schrager MD   Internist, Primary Care, Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH); Instructor in Medicine, Harvard Medical School

Anna Shapiro PA-C   Physician Assistant, CHA Primary Care 

Linda Shipton MD   Infectious Diseases specialist, CHA and Spaulding Rehabilitation Center; Medical Director, Tuberculosis Program, MA DPH, CHA; Assistant Professor, Harvard Medical School

Tom Seufert MD   Emergency Physician; Associate Director of Clinical Informatics; Director of Emergency Informatics; Instructor, Harvard Medical School

Lisa Yasi RRT   Respiratory Therapist, CHA Everett

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